Change Readiness

Managing Change

What will Participants Learn – Session Objectives: Define “change-ready” and “change management”; Analyze Lewin’s Change Management Model; Discuss: Key barriers to managing change; risk assessment stakeholder analysis; planning and managing change and review common mistakes related to change management.

Course curriculum

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    Change Readiness Certificate Program - Managing Change

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Managing Change Introduction

    • Pre-Assessment - Change Readiness: Managing Change

    • Preliminary Questions - Change Readiness: Managing Change

    • What Does it Mean to be Change Ready

    • Two Examples of Barriers to Change Readiness

    • 14 Change Readiness Questions - Complete Fillable PDF or Print

    • What Does it Mean to be Change Ready? Discussion

    • What is Change Management?

    • Predictors of Ability to Manage Change - Please download and complete

    • Lewin's Phases of Change Model

    • An Example of the Unfreezing Technique "Command"

    • Lewin Model of Change Support Video

    • Lewin Push and Pull

    • Lewin's Push and Pull Techniques Quiz

    • Risk Assessment

    • Risk Assessment Website

    • Stakeholder Analysis

    • 6 Stakeholder Roles

    • Planning Change

    • Top 40+ Questions to Ask First Before Embarking on Any Change - Infographic

    • Common Mistakes

    • Eastman Kodak Case Study - Fillable PDF or Print

    • Post Assessment - Change Readiness: Managing Change

    • Conclusion Video

    • Comments or Questions?

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