Change Readiness
Certificate Program

Organizational Change

Organizational change is both the process in which an organization changes its structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies, or organizational culture to affect change within the organization and the effects of these changes on the organization. Session objectives include ways of coping with organizational change, benefits of organizational change and the factors that impact organizational change.

Course curriculum

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    Change Readiness Certificate Program - Organizational Change

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Intro to Organization Change

    • Pre-Assessment - Change Readiness: Organizational Change

    • Preliminary Questions - Change Readiness: Organizational Change

    • Start Up Activity

    • Investment vs. Return on Investment

    • Philips Case Study - Download fillable PDF. Then click on the discussion box to answer some questions.

    • ROI and The Human Side of Change

    • Workplace Change Reflection - Download Fillable PDF or Print

    • Kotter Step 1 - Create Urgency

    • Kotter Step 2 - Build a Guiding Team

    • Kotter Step 3 - Create a Vision for Change

    • Kotter Step 4 - Communicate the Vision

    • Kotter Step 5 - Remove Obstacles

    • Kotter Step 6 - Create Short Term Wins

    • Kotter Step 7 - Build on the Change

    • Make sure that your definition of success is realistic.

    • Kotter Step 8 -Anchor the Changes

    • Explaining Kotter's 8 Step Change Model - Additional Explaination

    • That's Not How We Do it Here!

    • Case Study British Airways

    • British Airways Answer key

    • Assessing the Need for Change

    • Change Reflection - Download and complete

    • Case Study: Borders - Complete Fillable PDF or Print. Please share in the discussion box in the top right corner.

    • Organization Change Finish

    • Risks of Avoiding Change Discussion

    • Review Quiz - Change Readiness: Organizational Change

    • Post Assessment - Change Readiness: Organizational Change

    • Conclusion Video

    • Comments or Questions?

    • Disclaimer

Change Readiness
Certificate Program

Organizational Change