Change Readiness Certificate Program


This session introduces participants to the 9 Essential skills with a focus on Continuous Learning. The session also aims to introduce the term “Change Readiness” and how it relates to Continuous Learning. Learners are introduced to Change Readiness and its impact on personal and professional development.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Change Readiness Certificate Program

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Orientation Introduction

    • Change Readiness Certificate Program Information

    • Preliminary Questions - The Essential Skills and Change Readiness

    • Change Readiness and the Essential Skills

    • Essential Skills

    • Retail Trade Supervisor Profile - Note Essential Skill levels and sample tasks

    • Essential Skills

    • Continuous Learning Self-Assessment

    • Continuous Learning Self-Assessment

    • Continuous Learning

    • Discussion on Continuous Change and Change Readiness

    • Think Piece: The Only Competency That Will Matter is Continuous Learning

    • "We Didn't Start the Fire" - Billy Joel

    • Change and the Future

    • Change in the Future - Discussion

    • The Pace of Change

    • Change Readiness Certificate Program - Pre Training Knowledge Assessment

    • Continuous Learning Personal Development Plan

    • Conclusion Video

    • Comments or Questions?

    • Disclaimer