Change Readiness
Certificate Program

What is Change?

This session introduces participants to the 9 Essential skills with a focus on Continuous Learning. The session also aims to introduce the term “Change Readiness” and how it relates to Continuous Learning. Learners are introduced to Change Readiness and its impact on personal and professional development. Session Objectives include types of change, stages of change, benefits of change and challenges change brings.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Change Readiness Certificate Program - What is Change?

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • What is Change? Introduction

    • Pre-Assessment - Change Readiness: What is Change?

    • Preliminary Question - Change Readiness: What is Change?

    • What is Change? - Introduction Activity

    • How do you feel about change? - Download Fillable PDF or Print

    • Stress and Health

    • Two Minute Attitude Assessment

    • Were you Surprised by your Two Minute Assessment Score?

    • Two Minute Attitude Assessment Self Reflection - Fillable PDF (Right click to save your answers) or print

    • Who moved my Cheese The Movie by Dr Spencer Johnson

    • "Who Moved the Cheese" Discussion Questions

    • Make Stress Work for You (Shawn Achor)

    • Types of Change and Why is Change Hard

    • Stages of Change Model

    • Powerful Benefits of Change for Individuals (Additional Reading)

    • A final thought

    • Change Readiness Certificate Program Self-Assessment

    • Post Assessment - Change Readiness: What is Change?

    • Conclusion Video

    • Comments or Questions?

    • Disclaimer