The benefits of Communication in the Workplace

Being able to effectively communicate and collaborate are high priority skills identified by today’s employers. Communicating in the Workplace is a workshop focused on helping you to build teamwork skills and help you gain a solid understanding of workplace expectations. This workshop is an online training program consisting of 5 Modules. Each module is broken down in to 4 segments, (each being about 45 minutes.) Each module is also accompanied by a webinar. What should I expect? The course is for you if you are beginning job search activities. The program content itself focuses on an understanding of today’ workplace expectations. Communication and teamwork skills are the focus. Many practical strategies will be shared that you can use on the job. A certificate will be given to those completing all assignments for the workshop.

This course covers:

  • Thriving in the Ever-Changing Workplace

  • Clear Communication for Job Success

  • Navigating Conflict

  • Respectful Workplace

  • A Mindset for Success in the Workplace

Your Instructor

Julie Bell

Julie is an experienced teacher, trainer, writer, and workshop facilitator. Since 1995, she has facilitated workshops with a focus on success in the workplace. She has several teacher certifications, including “Essential Skills Practitioner” and “International Competence Trainer”. Over the years, Julie has shared her expertise through Essential Skills workshops, online learning, leadership training, work life balance training, English for newcomers in the workplace, diversity workshops, authoring and editing of resources and curriculum, teacher training, and teacher mentorship. She is thrilled to facilitate this online workshop and learn with you today.
Julie Bell

Communicating in the Workplace Online Course

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