Welcome to Essential Skills
for Women at Work

Leveraging Skills - Overcoming Setbacks - Ensuring Success

This course is a 40-hour Certificate Program, consisting of 8 online training modules. The program content itself focuses on the current challenges women are facing in the workplace due to COVID-19. The goals are to provide essential skills training solutions for women who due to the pandemic have had a change in their employment situation; and to support anticipated future expectations of employers related to the workforce impacts of COVID-19 and the increased need for digital competence.

The Benefits of Essential Skills for Women at Work 

Enhance your knowledge of digital competence and communication skills, learning resilience and adapting to changes in the workplace. Empower yourself with new skills for anticipated future workforce requirements.

Essential Skills Focus:

  • Online Communication Skills
  • Online Presentation Skills
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals in the Workplace
  • Working with Others
  • Change Readiness & Continuous Learning

Supporting Women with Essential Skills training for the Workforce

This series has been specifically designed to support women impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and is part of the Essential Skills Training Solutions developed and offered by Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM), focussing on providing solutions for women impacted through loss of employment, re-skilling, and managing current workplace expectations around changes to workplace responsibilities and tasks.

The 8 Modules Include

  • Preparing to learn in a remote or virtual environment

  • Online communication skills

  • Online presentation skills

  • Effective oral communication skills

  • Fundamentals of the Workplace

  • Working with others

  • Change readiness & Continuous learning

  • Program Review

Your Instructor

Michelle Clarke

As a Service Provider for Workplace Education Manitoba, Michelle brings her experience as one of 20 certified Master Civility Trainers in the world. Her extensive experience includes Civility at Work, professional presence, etiquette in a variety of contexts, as well as the World Citizen and Courtesy Coach offerings for children. These, combined with her Master's in Education, and various vital training programs such as the International Coach Federation accredited iPEC Educational Coach, Executive Leadership Expert, Essential Skills Analyst, along with years of life-long learning, proficient bilingualism, parenthood and a committed approach to “human-kindness” in every interaction make her the ideal person to serve your on-going learning essentials.
Michelle Clarke