Managing Diversity Certificate Program - Overview/Review

The session objectives are to review all learning objectives of the previous sessions in the Managing Diversity series, review practical application, discuss SMART Goals and Continuous Learning Plan and review self-assessment and identify personal Continuous Learning goals.

Course curriculum

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    Managing Diversity Certificate Program – Overview/Review

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Managing Diversity Certificate Program - Overview Review Introduction

    • The Managing Diversity Certificate Program Series

    • Key Resource from Orientation Session - Essential Skills Profile

    • 1. Key Resource from Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

    • 2. Key Resource from Cultural Competency Session - Self-Assessment of Workplace Cultural Competence

    • 3. Key Resource from Generations at Work - "Generation Z Enters the Labour Market"

    • 4. Key Resource from Gender Diversity Session - “Winnipeg Woman say Gender Equality Stands Out in the Workplace”

    • 5. Key Resource from from Civility in the Workplace - Developing Healthy Workplaces

    • 6. Key Resource from from Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives -City of Edmonton Framework

    • 7. Key Resource from from Inclusive Workplace Practices - The Science of Inclusion, Quinetta Roberson:

    • 8. Key Resource from Disability in the Workplace - Accommodations

    • Managing Diversity Review Self Assessment

    • Practical Application Discussion

    • Essential Skills – Continuous Learning

    • Continuous Learning and Smart Goals

    • What are SMART Goals

    • Identify Personal Learning Goals

    • Goal Setting Resources and Reference Material

    • Follow Up Questions. In the coming months, we plan to contact you to find out how you have been impacted by this course. These are the questions.

    • Conclusion Video

    • Questions/Comments?

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