Managing Diversity Certificate Program - Cultural Competence

The session objectives are to define cultural competence, explore the dimensions of cultural competence, reflect on your own cultural competence, discuss ways of increasing cultural competence and reflect on unconscious personal bias that could impact workplace behaviours.

Course curriculum

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    Managing Diversity Certificate Program – Cultural Competence

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Cultural Competency Introduction

    • Pre-Assessment - Managing Diversity: Cultural Competence

    • Preliminary Cultural Competence Questions

    • Warm up Brainstorming Activity - Download the Fillable PDF and answer the questions before moving on to the next section.

    • What does respect look like? - What others have said.

    • Video - What is Cultural Competence?

    • Cultural Competence – A Key Competency of the 21st Century

    • Hofstede's Cultural Framework

    • Hofstede Cultural Framework - Reference for Watching the Next Video

    • Hofstede's Model In Detail

    • Additional Information on Hofstede's 6 Cultural Dimensions

    • Power Distance - How does this apply to my workplace?

    • Individualism – How does this apply to your workplace?

    • Uncertainty Avoidance – Where do we fit, and what are the ramifications?

    • Hofstede’s Masculinity Index – An example of someone who was high on the masculinity index and quickly made a shift.

    • Self-Assessment of Workplace Cultural Competence - Please download and complete

    • Recommended Reading: Building Culturally Competent Organizations from Community Tool Box

    • How can you Increase your Cultural Competence

    • Post-Training Assessment

    • Resource for Employers by TRIEC

    • Reflections on Cultural Competence

    • Post Assessment - Managing Diversity - Cultural Competence

    • Conclusion Video

    • Questions/Comments

    • Disclaimer

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Cultural Competence