Managing Diversity Certificate Program - Orientation

The session objectives are to discuss the Workplace Education Manitoba Essential Skills model, discuss diversity and inclusion, reflect on your ability to work with others and be a continuous learner and start thinking about the business case for Diversity and Inclusion.

Course curriculum

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    Managing Diversity Certificate Program - Orientation

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Managing Diversity Certificate Program Introduction

    • Essential Skills

    • Opening Activity to Think about Essential Skills in Your Workplace

    • Essential Skills for Occupations

    • Retail Trade Supervisor Profile - Note Essential Skill levels and sample tasks.

    • What are Essential Skills? - PDF

    • Working with Others Self-Assessment

    • HRSDC Working with Others Self-Assessment - please download and complete

    • Working with Others

    • The Stick Exercise

    • What do YOU think?

    • Diversity and Inclusion Facts

    • Business Case Reading

    • The Business Case - Please download and complete

    • Essential Skills Profile Assignment

    • Diversity Resources

    • Conclusion Video

    • Questions/Comments?

    • Disclaimer