Workplace Trainer Certificate Program - Orientation

The session objectives are to explore the Workplace Education Manitoba nine (9) Essential Skills Model, identify the Essential Skills of a workplace trainer, identify the different components to creating a training program and explore the opportunities of workplace training.

Course curriculum

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    Workplace Trainer Certificate Program - Orientation

    • How to use the course platform

    • Introduction Video

    • Orientation Introduction

    • Preliminary Questions - Workplace Trainer: Orientation

    • Overview of Essential Skills

    • Connecting Essential Skills to Workplace Training

    • Essential Skills Readers's Guide - Reference Tool to Help you with Your Assignment in the Next Section

    • Download this Form and Fill in 3 Essential Skill Descriptors for Each Row

    • Essential Skills used by Workplace Trainers - Sample Answers to Assignment

    • An Introduction to Key Workplace Trainer Elements Covered in this Course

    • Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Education - Info about the Official Website

    • Kirkpatrick's Official Site

    • Introduction to Kolb's Learning Cycle

    • Kolb - Learning Cycle - Website

    • Learning Objectives

    • Needs Assessment

    • Explore the Possibilities of Workplace Training - Use the Fillable PDF or print off

    • Conclusion Video

    • Comments or questions?

    • Disclaimer